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About Me


I am Merry and welcome to my travel diary. Occasionally people will ask me, how much money did you spend on your Europe trip? What to see in Taiwan? Can you share me your itinerary to NZ? What places do you recommend to visit did Myanmar? Where to stay in cheap places but comfortable?

Most of the times I lost memory on details and although i had all the photos but it is exciting to go back and read your own journey. Hopefully my passion for travel is contagious and this diary can inspire you all to travel more and be the inspiration

Grew up in Indonesia, I was never a big fans of traveling, not even when I was studying overseas. Graduated and started working full time doesn't leave me any time for vacation. But we have long holiday every Eid Fitr once in a year, and my 2009 trip changed me. It was fun to plan and organize your budget trip where the only resources you had is internet and your courage. From that moment on, I was addicted to travel and learned that you don't need to be rich to travel.

Life is one time offer, let's chase our travel dreams and be the inspiration

Randomly I will write in Indonesian, my apology in advanced

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