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Quit my job for one month in Europe

I asked myself often, I was never entertained with the possibility. I ain't a risk taker nor a gambler, no matter how I love travel, leaving a secured job and sky the world worry-less is not me. I had the same questions as most of you. How can I afford it? Am I going to get another job easily when I am back? What am I going to do if I don't work in the office? I don't here, I don't there, and that soon will burn my little mind at the end. People said be fearless, chase your dream or let them go. Life is about a choice, choosing to stay, choosing to go, choosing to be happy, now I have a job that I no longer like, most of the days I hate to be in the office. I am choosing to chase my dream and live to the fullness for time being.

God's plan is not my plan but it's always better, once I decide to quit the job that I no longer like, I met the most amazing creatures that God prepared to accompany me (special thanks to Backpacker Dunia FB Group that unites us) , and I did it, Europe I am coming!!!!!

Neale Donald Walsch quotes "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone", not once in my life I imagine doing this but I did and I learned a lot, meeting new people and traveling together for 21 days is not easy but it's amazing and being unforgettable moments in my entire life. I am actually living my dream.

Knowing me haha, I will not plan to fail my holiday so I made a plan, a full itinerary. For a month I was struggling with the itinerary and not sure why I was always be the planner of the trips. A lot of people said I think and consider too much, a lot that suggest me to let it flows. At the end after changing too many times we settled for 3 weeks plan, transport and hotel booking. Yes we will do only 21 days together and then I will be on my own. This is not the best way to do a trip, you shouldn't book full lots while surprise always happen.

J.R.R Tolkien quotes that "Not all who wander are lost", here we are womenwanderlust, a name that reminds us to get out of our comfort zone and live our dreams, have missions to conquer Europe with the least budget. Even at the end we will laugh on the last statement with our luxury habits in Europe.

Tickets hunting resulted on:

IDR 492,000 for CGK - KL by Airasia including 25 kg checked in baggage

IDR 6,850,000 for KL - AMS, VCE - CGK by Etihad served by Alitalia on VCE - AUH including 46 kg (2 baggages of 23 kg) on departure and 23 kg checked in baggage on returning

Total spend on ticket around US$ 536 (exchange rate 13,700/USD)

Schengen Visa granted by Netherlands embassy for IDR 850,000 (US$62 at the moment)

Cities to be visited: Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Prague, Salzburg, Hallstatt, Lausanne, Milan, Pisa, Rome, Florence, Bologna, Napoli, Venice. In the adventure, destinations is not important as the journey is the destination itself, nevertheless we still planned the destination but based on the cheapest bus routes, sponsored by Megabus, we occasionally named our trip 1 Euro trip.

Paid Transport & Accommodations : IDR 6,815,517 (US$500)

Cash Budget : 1,000 Euro and Credit Cards

Surprisingly, popped up in my FB story, 7 years ago I did my first overseas trip on the same date, time and flight to the same destination, I may say this is not a coincidence but an answer to my doubt on whether I should do this or not, indeed I am an emotional person.

Well....after a very long and tiring flight ...17 hours in total not to mention the transit hours, we did a lot to stay insane till getting to Amsterdam.

Immigration Officer: Holiday?

M : Yes Sir,

Immigration Officer: Where are you going?

M: Amsterdam of course, i am landing in here right?

I was questioning myself in my heart that what ridiculous questions thrown but maybe he is testing my consciousness after a long flight, I might hallucinate landing in Amsterdam but actual plan is New York, yeah right haha

Chop chop chop, done! the way, we are allowed to face the immigration officer together 4 of us although we are not family but maybe if we have different citizenship we will not be allowed but you may try. This is officially the beginning of my one month trip in Europe...yeahh!!!

So Should you quit your job and do this? It's for me to know and for you to find out. Choose the best and be grateful in that.

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